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Symposium of Essentiels de la CMF

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As you are aware, our major annual event originally scheduled for last January has been cancelled for obvious reasons due to the current health situation but…

… the Global D team would not want to deprive you of this unmissable meeting and invites you to meet on 28 May 2021 at the VERSO Conférence Center for a session of conferences and sharing of experience which will end with its usual and famous Gala Evening!


Chaired by Prof. Pierre CORRE & Dr. Pascal HUET

Moderators: Dr. François PAUZIE, Dr. Sébastien LAVAQUERIE, Dr. Frédéric BARERE & Dr. Laurent ORY

Speakers: Pr. Pierre CORRE, Dr. Pascal HUET, Dr. Boris PETELLE, Dr. Clémentine VINCENT, Dr. Paul CRESSEAUX, Dr. Guillaume CORDIER, Dr. Benoit PHILIPPE, Dr. Jean-Baptiste CARUHEL & Dr. François CHEYNET


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Listen, Dance? Live ? Together !!!

Meet us from 8p.m. at “Oh! Happy! “And we offer you all of this at the same time! Musicians, extraordinary voices, timeless songs…

Prepare and revise your classics!



Save The Date of the 2022 edition of Essentiels de la CMF:

Thursday 20 & Friday 21 January 2022 in Paris


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