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Pre-Implant Kit

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Standard kit for pre-implant surgery

Contents of the standard kit

  • 1 autoclavable container (CAPI)
  • 1 titanium screwdriver handle (MTM)
  • 1 set of pliers (PPG)
  • 1 self-retaining Philips pin (ACT1K)

The screw selection is configured according to your requirements


Our container is common to our screw ranges for pre-implant surgery and orthodontic anchorages (see ANCOTEK catalogue).


Drills and shafts

  • Graft drills for handpiece and contra-angle: Graft drills are sized to match screw diameters so as facilitate the passage of the screw through the graft. They are differentiated from receiving site drills by a double band in the same colour.
  • Receiving site drills for handpiece and contra-angle
  • Self-retaining shafts for manual or contra-angle



  • Movable handle for self-retaining shaft: Through deformation of the screw head, the screwdriver shaft holds and maintains the screw in position. The ergonomic handle ensures a compact tool. The screwdriver shaft can be mounted on either the handle supplied or a dental contra-angle.



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