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Depth stop kits

Banner_ULTIMATE Surgery Kit

An optional system of removable depth stops, with direct contra-angle pickup, safeguarding drilling depth close to anatomical obstacles

They are recommended when the osseous crest is sufficiently level.


Short drill and depth stop from the Ultimate Depth Stop Kit

Complete ULTIMATE depth stop kit

This kit is compatible with the ULTIMATE drilling protocol and, therefore, with In-Kone® UNIVERSAL SA², In-Kone® PRIMO 3.0 Implant and twinKon® implants with diameters of Ø3.5/Ø4/Ø4.5/Ø5. Two sets of Ø3 mm depth stops are also available in this complete kit. The depth stops are adaptable exclusively on ULTIMATE short drills.
Depth stop micro-kit_ULTIMATE Surgery Kit

ULTIMATE depth stop mikro kit

Removable holder, containing two sets of Ø3 mm depth stops to be used with drills. This micro kit can be incorporated in the ULTIMATE kit and the depth stops are adaptable for ULTIMATE short drills.

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