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Genioplasty Plates

Banner_Ortrautek Genioplasty Plates

Genioplasty plates

  • Available in 7 bridge lengths
  • Thickness 0.6 mm

Chin Wing plates

Ortrautek Chin Wing genioplasty plate

In addition to ‘standard’ genioplasty plates, discover the ‘Chin Wing’ plate, dedicated to genioplasty procedures on the shape of the chin and on the entire inferior edge and angle of the mandible:

  • Anchorages to use with 1.5 mm diameter screws (1.8 mm diameter emergency screw) in the Minitek/Microtek range, reducing the overall space requirement of the plate, thus avoiding nerve and dental root lesions
  • Two horizontal anchorages for the superior valve
  • One anchorage for the inferior valve (optional)
  • Thickness 0.8 mm, with a square cross-section bridge for easier folding
  • Three sizes S, M, L

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