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Synergy between you and us... Dentist and dental prosthesis Laboratory

An open-source digital solution for greater freedom:

  • Modular surgical design solution for producing custom prostheses
  • Solution compatible with recognised software and equipment brands
  • Evolving solution


Global D offers a comprehensive, open-source range adapted to every laboratory profile. We respect the dental ecosystem in place. We wish to provide our dentist and prosthetist users with high-quality products. To protect the prosthetic connection, Global D supplies the prosthesis laboratory with parts such as bases or blanks with connections machined by us.


Preparation of the customisable part is handled by the laboratory. In this way, our large range of solutions allows dental prosthetists to work under the best conditions.



► Download The Digital Solutions Catalogue – CAD/CAM

► Download The ULTIMATE Guided Surgery Manual – CAD/CAM