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Oral implantology is a constantly evolving discipline of dentistry which requires both specific knowledge and continuous updating of skills.

The increasing precision of clinical procedures, evolution of computer-based solutions and emergence of new materials all contribute to the evolution, use and performance of products.  Surgeons are also developing within a managerial and communication context in an era when the office is also becoming a place to spend time, a place which is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Whatever your level and goals, Oskar can support you during the evolution of your profession, with pragmatic training, a customised offering and our network of experienced professionals.


Our Reception Centre

Located in Brignais, near Lyon, our centre has a 90-seat amphitheatre as well as an operating room. It also has a technical team comprising a specialised nurse and two expert prosthetists. Cutting-edge video equipment enables live transmission of surgical procedures. Our 200 capacity VIP reception space is designed to promote meet-ups and exchanges. Equipped with transmission screens, conferences and surgical procedures can also be followed from the VIP space.


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