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Banner_TwinKon® Range

Implant tissue level revisited

‘When twinKon® was designed, more than 10 years ago, together with Yves Douillard we aimed to offer an innovative and effective solution through a new implant design in line with our thoughts on clinical success factors, and to focus on strengthening the bone-mucosal assembly around the implant. Without a connective tissue attachment as on the natural tooth, we had to find an alternative to mimic nature and to create a new ecosystem linked to the geometry of this interface compatible with a functional, aesthetic, reproducible and durable implantology. With several thousand twinKon® devices having been fitted to date, we believe our solution will attract practitioners sensitive to the concept of biological space around the implant and the maintenance of its health over time.’

Dr Jean-François Borel, Dr Philippe Duchatelard



The twinKon® implant has a concave neck, in contact with the peri-implant mucosa, around which a mucosal seal forms from the initial healing phase.

The external profile of the twinKon® is cylindroconical and bears a progressive double thread which procures primary stability of the implant by screwing. The SA² surface condition is obtained by sand-blasting, followed by etching.

Its external tapered connection above the concave neck facilitates manipulations of the prosthesis above the mucosal seal.

The three implant diameters (Ø3.5/Ø4/Ø4.5 mm) have a common connection, facilitating management of practice stocks and communication with the prosthesis laboratory.

The twinKon® implant can be used in one or two surgical phases.

Staying with the philosophy behind the implant, the prosthesis range offers, among other things, both standard abutments and profiled abutments. The latter have been designed in line with 5 standard profiles: central incisor, lateral incisor, premolar, molar and wide molar.



► Download the twinKon® Biological Signature Catalog

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