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twinKon® Abutments

Banner_TwinKon® Range

twinKon® Abutments: standard and full height and anatomical

Standard abutments

Abutments in the twinKon® range

Standard abutments, straight, angled 7.5° or 15°, indexed (A / anti-rotational) or non-indexed (R / rotational)


Full height abutments

Straight full-height abutments Ø5 and Ø6.5 mm; indexed (A / anti-rotational)

Anatomical abutments

twinKon® anatomical abutments for dental implants

Abutments with an anatomical shoulder designed to adapt to five periodontal profiles.

  • Central incisor
  • Lateral incisor
  • Premolar
  • Molar
  • Wide molar


These abutments are available both in indexed (A / anti-rotational) and non-indexed (R / rotational) versions

"The twinKon® is, in my view, an implant which deserves special attention from practitioners concerned for the durability of their implant-based restorations"

Dr. Jean-Pierre Axiotis - Dental Surgeon and tester of the twinKon® implant

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