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twinKon® Abutments

Banner_TwinKon® Range

twinKon® Abutments: standard and full height, anatomical, and mixed direct implant sleeve

Standard abutments

Abutments in the twinKon® range

Standard abutments, straight, angled 7.5° or 15°, indexed (A / anti-rotational) or non-indexed (R / rotational)


Full height abutments

Straight full-height abutments Ø5 and Ø6.5 mm; indexed (A / anti-rotational)

Anatomical abutments

twinKon® anatomical abutments for dental implants

Abutments with an anatomical shoulder designed to adapt to five periodontal profiles.

  • Central incisor
  • Lateral incisor
  • Premolar
  • Molar
  • Wide molar


These abutments are available both in indexed (A / anti-rotational) and non-indexed (R / rotational) versions

Cement-retained prosthesis on short abutment

The short abutment is recommended for the posterior sector.

It is indexed and available only in the straight version. The impression caps and protective caps as well as the analog specific to this technique are common to the In-Kone® prosthesis range.

Direct implant sleeves

twinKon® mixed sleeve for dental implants

It allows the construction of customised abutments for single screw-retained prostheses. The oxidisable sleeve serves as a basis for the construction of a customised abutment, which is then bonded to the titanium base of the mixed sleeve.

"The twinKon® is, in my view, an implant which deserves special attention from practitioners concerned for the durability of their implant-based restorations"

Dr. Jean-Pierre Axiotis - Dental Surgeon and tester of the twinKon® implant

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