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Orthodontic Anchorage Plates

Banner_Ancotek Range

Using anchorage plates allows a global retraction movement to be envisaged using a single system.

They also limit unwanted movements and allow application of just the required movements.

Plate anchorage is indicated when the use of anchorage mini-screws proves difficult, insufficient or when this inhibits certain movements.


Specific indications

Orthodontic anchorage plates and anchorage mini-screws_Ancotek Range
  • En-masse retraction of teeth at a distance from the roots in cases where several movements must be combined
  • Single or en-masse anteroposterior movement without Anchorage/Root interface
  • Combination with other movements: intrusion, extrusion, alignment


  • Grade 2 titanium for easy shaping of plates
  • 2 plate shapes available in several lengths
  • The development of a standard plate that allows numerous accessories to be used
  • Oval cross section – 1 mm thick
  • Fixed with 2 x 2 mm diameter screws
  • Oblong holes for arch insertion (0.022 x 0.028 inches)

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