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Cryotherapy - Cryotek

Banner_Cryotherapy range Cryotek

The Cryotek range, a cryotherapy solution, offers devices for the management of oedema by cold intended for maxillofacial and oral surgery

Postoperative management will depend on the surgical procedures performed and will be adapted to each patient.

In order in particular to facilitate the resorption of postoperative oedema and so to improve patient comfort, Global D offers an effective alternative to conventional ice packs: its CRYOTEK range.

Cryotherapy or “Cold therapy”, consists in the application of cold to a pathological region.

The application of cold to the patient’s face via our CRYOTEK devices will thus allow the shortening of postoperative recovery time with the reduction of oedema, and will provide pain relief through an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action (1) (2) (3).


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