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The 3.0 implant

Implants and Prosthetics_3.0 Implant System

2-part dental implant of Ø 3.0 mm indicated for reduced mesiodistal spaces of the lateral maxillary incisors and the mandibular incisors

The external profile of the 3.0 Implant has a double progressive thread obtaining primary stability of the implant by screwing.


The implant can be used in one or two surgical phases. The hexagon set into the apical part of the internal taper allows the prosthesis components to be repositioned in the mouth once customised by the laboratory.


The 3.0 implant can be installed with the ULTIMATE surgical kit equipped with wrenches and corresponding screw mandrels. Alternatively, it may be used with its specific dedicated kit, allowing users complete freedom of choice.



► Download The Subcrestal  Surgery Catalog – 3.0 Implant

► Download The Subcrestal  Prosthesis Catalog – 3.0 Implant