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Banner_TwinKon® Range

Ultra-short implant


It is indicated for posterior mandibular restorations in cases of severe bone atrophy.



twinKon® 4 is an ultra-short implant, 4 mm in length, available in Ø4 and 4.5 mm.

The implant has a concave neck that allows a mucosal seal to develop from the initial healing phase.

The external implant profile is fitted with a deep thread.

Its external cone is topped with an indexation trigone.


twinKon® 4 surgical kit

A valuable addition to the therapeutic arsenal, twinKon®4 has its own specific compact surgery kit. The drills have an integrated depth stop ensuring safe drilling near anatomical obstacles and calibration of preparation depth in such a way as to guarantee an adapted vertical positioning of the implant.


Clinical studies

Several studies have been conducted with partners, and yet others are in progress, with renowned Italian universities. These have validated the ultra-short twinKon® 4 implant as a therapeutic alternative to bone reconstruction so opening up new prospects in dental implantology.



► Download the twinKon®4 Subcrestal Surgery Catalog

► Download the twinKon®4 Subcrestal Prosthesis Catalog

► Download the twinKon®4 Surgery Manual