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BIOBank Customized Graft

Banner_Customized Graft_BIOBank Regeneration

The BIOBank customized graft (CG) is designed and prepared from a CT-scan or CT Cone Beam image

Offered in cortico-cancellous or cancellous bone, it enables the characteristics of the graft and its positioning to be defined in advance on a 3D model. Incorporating the same exclusive Supercrit® treatment process as all BIOBank grafts, it retains the same properties as fresh bone. Check out the Supercrit® process and its benefits.


Customized grafts (CG) are indicated in difficult onlay grafting cases (management of defects with complex geometry, cases involving a tunnelling procedure, etc.) Nevertheless, it does not make the surgical technique in itself accessible (management of soft tissue, anatomical constraints, etc.). Furthermore, it is intended for seasoned practitioners with expertise in bone reconstruction techniques.


  • Shorter operating time
  • Augmentation of the contact surface
  • Treatment of defects with complex geometry
  • Grafting using the tunnelling procedure
  • Treatment of sites that are difficult to access
  • Control of surgical procedures
  • Reduced manipulations
  • Improved primary stability


BIOBank customized graft mounted on the posterior sector of the mandible

After a rehydration period of around 10 minutes in a sterile 0.9% physiological saline solution, BIOBank customised bone grafts recover their natural elasticity for secure osteosynthesis on the graft site.


Each product package contains the following sheets:

  • Graft identity sheet to be filed in the patient’s medical record
  • Implant sheet to be sent duly completed and signed to BIOBank

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