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Boneguard® Resorbable Membrane

Banner_Boneguard® Resorbable Membrane

The Guided Bone Regeneration technique is part of the therapeutic arsenal for pre-implant bone augmentation of implantologists

The principle of this technique is using a physical barrier to enable recolonisation of osteogenic cells in the created space. Learn more about GBR.


GBR, as described in the 1980s, consisted of using a rigid membrane to stabilise the blot clot (find out about the Graftek range non-resorbable membrane) and to enable the osteogenic cells to colonise and regenerate the space created by this membrane. Later, use of biomaterials (such as BIOBank allogeneic bone powders), enabled support of this membrane, which was no longer required to be rigid, to leave space for less restrictive resorbable membranes (no placement of material to be planned).

Meeting this indication, the BoneGuard® membrane consists of highly purified cross-linked porcine collagen for better control of resorption time. BoneGuard® has a “barrier effect” of over 12 weeks.


The BoneGuard® membrane is available in one size only: 30 * 20 mm.


Prior to use, the resorbable BoneGuard® membrane requires rehydration in a saline solution for around 5 minutes. This enables it to regain its flexibility.

It is completely reversible so has no “bone side” and “mucosal side” faces.

Due to its resistance, it may be screwed (find out about Graftek membrane screws), pinned, or sutured with no risk of tearing.



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