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Global D Company

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Global d

Delivering the best treatment solutions to your patients, every single day.

Each patient is unique, and has every right to demand that all of the treatment solutions available to them meet their highest expectations.

Global D is a French company. We design and sell a portfolio of solutions and services for functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the jaw.

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For more than 30 years, every one of our product ranges has been designed in close partnership with seasoned practitioners.

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8 million+
Global D medical devices
implanted around the world

worldwide users



Boasting a unique blend of expertise, encompassing maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology, and orthodontics, we deliver comprehensive solutions for the entire orofacial area.

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Find your


Global D believes that optimal installation both with regard to bones and the periodontium as well as the mechanical aspect of the implant/prosthetic is fundamental to implant-supported reconstruction that lasts.

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Aspiring to

The face is the centre of our identity and our emotions. It’s what lets people see us as “us”, through which we reaffirm our sense of self every day.
Global D strives to offer a range of products and services for orthognathic or traumatological surgery and surgical oncology, to optimise the patient experience at every step of their treatment pathway.

40% market share in France for osteosynthesis in maxillofacial surgery

Keeping things


In partnership with the French company, BIOBank, we are offering a range of allografts sourced from living donors.


an open mind

Enter Global D’s open digital world and stay free to choose which technology you use.

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BIOBank, the leading French bank of bone of human origin*

*source: Report on French tissue banks published by the French Agency for Biomedicine.
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The Global D quality system is NF EN ISO 13485 (2016 version) certified.

We meet the requirements of European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. Our products are covered by CE mark certification. To maintain an optimal level of quality, we opted for one of the most demanding certifying bodies: GMED-LNE.

Globally renowned, GMED-LNE certified both our quality system and our products.

our best

Global D works hard every day to provide a working environment that encourages our staff to give their best.

By choosing to work with independent people who are passionate about what they do, we have created a mindset focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our teams in the field are always at hand to help you get your business up and running.

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We chose to pursue sustained development of our international business, to help our products reach a wider audience.


Our ambition is to consolidate ties with end users, through a network of local subsidiaries and distributors.

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Global D is a Menix Group company. Today, Menix Group draws on more than 50 years of industrial expertise and clinical perspective in innovation and development of implantable medical devices.

Succeeding Together