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Tissue Level Revisited Approach

Banner_Product Concept_twinKon® Revised Tissue Level Implantology

Concave transmucosal collar, the twinKon® implant is a tissue level type of implant. However, with respect to periodontal status, management of the emergence profile was revised to promote initial formation of a thick mucosal seal in order to act as a natural barrier.

The vertical positioning of the implant may be modified slightly according to the periodontal biotype. The prosthetic interface is moved over the mucosal joint; the risk of iatrogenic contamination during prosthetic restoration phases is reduced.

The twinKon® is a Tissue Level type of implant, generally valued for its ability to prevent peri-implant bone loss(1), as well as for in-mouth prosthetic accessibility. The twinKon® is a particularly useful implant in mandibular regions exhibiting moderate to severe atrophy.





The concave transmucosal collar of the twinKon® enables formation of a mucosal layer that is rich in fibroblasts and collagen fibres. This peri-implant barrier is set in place during the first postoperative weeks.

After 12 weeks, formation of marginal bone is stabilised at the implant shoulder(2) with a favourable long-term prognosis (3).


Product Concept_twinKon® Biological Signature


Product Concept_twinKon®Implant

The endosseous area of the twinKon® implant has a UNIVERSAL cylindro-conical profile. The increasing depth of the double thread ensures rapid progression of the implant into the bone and provides good primary stability, even in low density bone.


Product Concept_twinKon® Implant Range


The UNIVERSAL profile is particularly well-suited to immediate loading, post extraction socket implantation, one step surgery and use with short and ultra-short implants in an atrophied region(4).


Product Concept_twinKon®4 Implant
  • EAO oral communications first prize 2015
  • EAO oral communications first prize 2016


Product Concept_twinKon® Radiography


Global D offers a unique minimally invasive alternative to vertical bone augmentation. twinKon®4 is the ultra-short implant ø 4 mm x L 4 mm or ø 4 mm x L 4.5 mm of the twinKon® range.  This implant can be used in the posterior mandibular area as an alternative to L 8.5 mm x ø 4 mm implants(5).


Product Concept_twinKon® SA2 and SEM Crowns

The SA2 surface condition is obtained by sandblasting followed by etching. This surface condition is also used on the In-Kone implant, certified ultraclean by international academy Clean Implant Foundation based in Berlin, Germany.


Product Concept_Clean Implant & Logo


3 weeks after placement of the implant in dogs, bone healing showed contact osteogenesis, with points of the implant threads in the cortical bone of the bone ridge of the implant site and new cancellous bone in the thread spaces. The thread was not completely filled but the presence of many osteoblasts and osteoid tissue indicated that bone formation was underway.


After 12 weeks, the thread spaces were filled with newly formed bone. The remodelling was started: The primary bone was replaced by secondary osteons which was evidence of an advanced change process.

Dr C. Bolle. Soft-tissue and marginal bone-adaptation on platform switched implants.with a morse cone connection: a histomorphometric study in dogs. The Intern. J. of Period. & Rest. Dent. (2015)


Product Concept_ULTIMATE® Surgery Kit

The ULTIMATE protocol drill has a double cutting face which provides stability when drilling. The double threads ensure excavation of a significant amount of bone slurry.


Product Concept_Ulimate Surgery Kit


The homothetic shape of the drills, similar to the profile of the UNIVERSAL & PRIMO implants, enables initial stable bone-implant connection and a primary anchorage which is uniformly distributed over all threads held in the bone.


Product Concept_twinKon®_Prosthetic Solution_Taper Connection

Implants in the twinKon® range have an external friction cone type connection. The profession currently seems unanimous about the superiority of the conical connections for peri-implant tissue remodelling(6).

This superiority is due to the antibacterial hermetic properties of cones and their ability to inhibit prosthetic micromovements(7). The risk of bacterial leaking can be significantly reduced, preserving the integrity of the peri-implant biologic width.


Range of standard implant abutments for cementation

Prosthesis cementation may be indicated when certain types of salvage treatment are required, or when there is an aesthetic or mechanical challenge at the occlusal surface of the restoration. This technique is comparable to a prosthesis on natural teeth and is technically straightforward to implement.


Product Concept_twinKon® Conical Abutments

Range of conical abutments

The multiple screw-retained prosthesis is attached to conical abutments enabling transformation of the conical connections of the implants to flat gingival connections (passive fit of implant bridges). The screw-retained connection is easily disconnected for maintenance if required. This prosthesis is indicated for patients at risk or patients with areas of atrophy.

twinKon® Guided surgery

Guided surgery can be a less invasive technique when flap surgery is not required. It has been shown that guided surgery reduces post-operative pain compared to this(5).


Product Concept_twinKon® Pilot Surgery and Surgery Kit ULTIMATE G


Surgery time is reduced with a gain in comfort. Guided surgery is also useful for patients with a complicated history. Guided surgery sometimes enables avoiding complicated procedures which may have a complicated postoperative course.

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