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Ortrau.tek 3D Planning

Orthognathic Surgery_3D Planning

3D planning solution for Orthognathic Surgery

We offer you a 3D planning solution with different options, in accordance with your operating practices and your protocol for managing Orthognathic cases, to meet everyone’s needs:

  • Custom-made aligners with digital realisation of occlusion (solely for dental arches)
  • Custom-made aligners with realisation of occlusion using complete 3D bone design:
    • Turnkey 3D bone design
    • 3D pre-design of bone
    • Ready-to-use STL files for designs produced by you


  • Treatment plan
  • Impressions taken in compliance with strict orthodontic neutrality (plaster or digital)
  • Initial occlusal wax (centred relationship recommended) or digital initial occlusion models
  • Lateral & panoramic dental teleradiography according to the option chosen
  • CT Scan/CBCT (DICOM files) according to the option chosen
  • Possibility of optional addition of: final occlusal wax, patient photos, frontal teleradiography in the event of asymmetry


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