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EVL®Surgery Kit

EVL®Surgery Kit

The EVL® kit is both compact and easy to use.

It enables initial and intermediate drilling sequences to be carried out for the insertion of EVL®K and EVL®S implants. The KONIK kit enables practitioners to carry out a drilling sequence with tapered drills for EVL®K implants.


The final drilling for EVL®K and EVL®S implants is carried out using the disposable drill supplied with the implant.

The instruments are arranged on a removable tray that is easy to clean.


The kit also contains drilling depth stops. These are collected together on a removable holder allowing direct contra-angle pickup.

Used in conjunction with the EVL® surgery kit, the KONIK kit offers a reusable drill format sized to match the length and diameter of each implant format. This option allows complete drilling sequences to be carried out using tapered drills. The incrementation of the osteotomy is thus homogeneous as the reaming progresses. Over or under-sizing of the implant shaft according to bone density is totally homothetic to the EVL® K implant.


The primary stability is uniformly distributed over the endosseous surface of the implant.

Optional over-sized drills (not included in the kit), are available in Kit form.


If a few threads are still visible and the maximum insertion torque of 70 N-cm has been exceeded, it is recommended that implant be removed and returned to its original tube while the cavity is enlarged with an over-sized drill.



► Download The Surgery Supracrestal Catalog – EVL® Surgery Kit