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Digital Solutions_Orthognathic Surgery

3D planning and aligner solution for Orthognathic Surgery

Our offer of Ortrau.tek 3D planning and aligners for orthognathic surgery resulted from a collaboration between experts in 3D design and manufacture of tailor-made devices with surgeons, orthodontists and prosthetists.


We offer you a 3D planning solution with different options in accordance with your operating practices and your protocol for managing orthognathic cases, to meet everyone’s needs:


  • Custom-made aligners with digital realisation of occlusion (solely for dental arches)
  • Custom-made aligners with realisation of occlusion using complete 3D bone design:
    • Turnkey 3D bone design
    • 3D pre-design of bone
    • Ready-to-use STL files for designs produced by you


Our initial, intermediate and final aligners, custom-made for your patients, will help you to achieve your precision and optimal occlusion objectives.


Our objective is to help to provide control of your surgical procedures and to enable you to optimise your patient management by making simple, precise tools available, facilitating the relationship between orthodontics and surgery.


A simple and intuitive web-based interface

Our Ortrau.tek web-based interface allows surgeons to create and monitor the progress of their cases and facilitates secure data exchanges (DICOM, validation documents, etc.).


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