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Customised bone-supported surgical distractor

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Surgical Distractor

Our customised distractor solution is the product of a collaboration between Global D and SLS France.

It’s a fully digital solution for planning the surgical component of surgically-assisted maxillary and mandibular distraction treatments.

The 3D design lets you ensure that the jackscrew is correctly positioned relative to the occlusal plane.

The jackscrew’s spatial position and the axis of the screws are determined based on the DICOM data and the optical impression (or dental models). 3D planning enables you to control interactions with dental roots.



  • Position the screws as close as possible to the supporting bone,
  • Keep the screws away from the palatal suture,
  • Correctly distribute the expansion forces applied by the device,
  • Position the screws safely (with no interference with dental roots and no risk of sinus perforation).


The placement guide ensures that the distractor is placed safely and precisely, while also ensuring the patient’s comfort.


Distractor and Activation Key

The activation opening is always visible and accessible to the patient.

The key is used to rotate the central core of the jackscrew in the direction of the arrow.

After each activation, a new side of the core becomes visible with a different activation opening.

*Patient activation key provided with device


3D Bone-Supported Distractor
  • Bone-supported,
  • Activation direction marked with an arrow,
  • Tooth-borne guided placement to hold fragments in place when screwing in,
  • Weld-free construction for stronger arms (patented procedure),
  • One-piece design for quicker assembly,
  • Maximum activations available: 10 mm or 12 mm,
  • Jackscrew and guide made of Cobalt Chrome or Grade 5 Titanium,
  • Compact device for reduced space requirements and easy installation.


The first customised bone-supported distractor was placed by Dr François Salles at the Hôpital Européen (Marseille, March 2021). Intermaxillary disjunction on an adult patient under general anaesthesia.

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