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Allogenic Bone Geometric Forms

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The BIOBank range of allogenic grafts is composed of geometric forms : cortical strips, cortico-cancellous blocks and cancellous blocks, among others, to cover all techniques and indications in maxillofacial and oral surgery




BIOBank cortico-cancellous bone plates


BIOBank cortico-cancellous bone blocks treated with supercritical CO2 allow onlay grafting on atrophic ridges.

Check out the characteristics and benefits of the Supercrit® process.



This product is available alone or as a ‘combined option’ with the powder.

  • CORTICO-CANCELLOUS bone plates: 15 x 10 x 4 mm& 22 x 12 x 4 mm
  • CORTICO-CANCELLOUS bone plate + bone powder CORTICO-CANCELLOUS (Granule size 0.5 mm ‘S’): 15 x 10 x 4 mm + 0.5 cc | 22 x 12 x 4 mm + 1 cc



BIOBank allogenic cortical bone strip


Due to their mechanical resistance, which is comparable to that of fresh bone (check out the benefits of the Supercrit® process), BIOBank cortical bone strips make it possible to carry out 2D or 3D reconstructions using the coffering technique when they are combined with cancellous or cortico-cancellous bone powders. Check out the BIOBank bone powders!



The strip is available alone or as a ‘combined option’ with the powder.

  • CORTICALbone strip: 12 x 10 mm & 18 x 10 mm
  • CORTICAL bone strip +CORTICO-CANCELLOUS bone powder (granule size 0.5 mm S): 12 x 10 mm + 0.5 cc & 18 x 10 mm + 1 cc



BIOBank allogenic cancellous bone block


Filling extraction sites.



  • CANCELLOUS bone block: 20 x 10 x 10 mm


After a rehydration period of around 10 minutes in a sterile 0.9% physiological saline solution, BIOBank bone grafts recover their natural elasticity for facilitated shaping and adaptation to the graft site.


Each product package contains the following sheets:

  • Graft identity sheet: to be filed in the patient’s medical record
  • Implant sheet: to be sent duly completed and signed to BIOBank

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