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Implants and Prosthetics_EVL® Implant System

The EVL® implant system was designed to optimise the user-friendliness of prosthetic manipulations and management of the biological space over time

The supracrestal positioning recommended for the Implants makes for easier visibility and accessibility during the various phases of the operations. The implants have a smooth neck, which favours stabilisation of the mucosal-connective tissue band around the implant from the day of installation.



The EVL® S implant is characterised by its considerable versatility. Its cylindrical shape makes the installation protocol easily reproducible regardless of bone density. EVL® implants benefit from more than 25 years of clinical experience.



The EVL® K is a root-shaped implant for use in all situations. Its profile gives it excellent primary stability. It provides particularly good performance in low-density bone and when implanted in interdental spaces with convergent roots. It benefits from 10 years of clinical experience.



Download the EVL® Supracrestal Surgery Catalog

Download the EVL® Supracrestal Prosthesis Catalog