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EVL® Prosthetic Impression Coping

Banner_Prosthetic Impression Coping_EVL® Implant System

From physical impression to optical impression

There are two types of physical impression copings, the Pick-Up for the open impression technique  and the Pop-Up for the closed impression or repositioning technique.

Pop-Up impression copings come in two heights to adapt to different soft tissue thicknesses:

  • Pop-Up coping
  • Long Pop-Up coping

Digital impression copings are also available for each diameter of EVL® implant for optical impression: Ø 3.3; 4 and 5 mm.


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"Whether with the assistance of physical impression or optical impression, Global D offers a fantastic range of prostheses"

Docteur G. D. - Dental Surgeon

EVL® Columns and Impression Copings for dental implants

Digital impression copings

Global D digital copings can be used with most intra-oral cameras for taking optical impressions in the mouth and with desktop scanners for the digitisation of plaster models in the laboratory.
They are in anodized titanium and can be generally used without powdering.

Truly universal, digital copings are used for all of our CAD/CAM solutions. The interfaces are incorporated into the principal referent CAD software.

The libraries are available on request.



► Download the Supracrestal Prosthesis Catalog – EVL® Prosthetic Impression Copings

Download the Digital Solutions Catalog – EVL® Prosthetic Impression Copings

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