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EVL® Healing and Cover screws

Banner_EVL®_EVL® Healing and Cover Screws

The healing screw is an essential component in the restoration phase of the EVL® implant system since it signals the prosthetic emergence profile of the future tooth

The profile of the EVL® healing screw is inspired directly by the aesthetic ring*. The taper prepares the entrance of the prosthetic seating and shapes a close-fitting tension-free tissue access to match the profile of the final components.

(*original and proven system for preparing the mucosa for the EVL® implant)


EVL®S healing screw


Healing screws

Healing screw for EVL® Implant System

Each implant is supplied with a healing screw with a height of 1.8 mm, other screws are available as an option.

Screw torque is 10 N-cm.

"To get a nice emergence profile, I won’t hesitate to use a different healing screw from the one delivered with the implant."

Dr P. B. - Dental Surgeon

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