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Guided Surgery

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Solution compatible with the main Guided Surgery software applications

We propose a guided surgery protocol that is compliant with the ULTIMATE drilling protocol compatible with the 3.0, In-Kone® UNIVERSAL and PRIMO and twinKon® Implants. Our ULTIMATE guided surgery kit is compatible with Implant Studio (by 3Shape), coDiagnostiX (by DentalWings), Planmeca and BlueSky Plan® software.

EVL®S and EVL®K implants are also available in several design software applications, such as coDiagnostiX (DentalWings), Implant Studio (3Shape) and Simplant.

The pilot drill solution can also be adapted for all our implants.




► Download the ULTIMATE Guided Surgery Manual



► Discovered The Training “Planification and Guided Surgery” By Dr. BEZU & Dr. FITOUCHI