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Guided Surgery

Banner_Guided Surgery

Guided surgery helps in the three-dimensional positioning of the implant, which is determined both by the tissue environment defining the "implant space" and by the rehabilitation project defining the "prosthetic space

As the three-dimensional positioning of dental implants is a key element in the durability of implantsupported restorations, prosthetically guided planning of implants associated with the guided surgery are now an integral part of Global D’s digital therapeutic arsenal at the service of dental surgeons.

Guided surgery has become more widespread. In particular, it allows for greater precision and efficiency and makes for a safer surgical procedure.


All Global D dental implants are in the majority of implant planning software such as, but not limited to: BlueSkyPlan® , coDiagnostiX (DentalWings), RealGUIDE, Romexis (Planmeca) and Smop.


The Global D piloted surgery kit is complete and ergonomic. It is used before and in addition to the surgery kit of the corresponding implant range: In-Kone® ST platform, In-Kone® NR (3.0) platform, In-Kone® WD platform, twinKon® and EVL®.

Global D also offers a ULTIMATE G42 guided surgery kit called Full Guided for its In-Kone® UNIVERSAL & PRIMO ST platform, In-Kone® NR (3.0) platform and twinKon® implants in direct guidance i.e. without spoons and based on the respect of the ULTIMATE drilling protocol.


This guided surgery protocol was developed in collaboration with experienced dentists and our Research and Development teams to be perfectly compatible with our ULTIMATE surgery protocol and to meet its requirements, i.e.: A progressive drilling sequence that is homothetic to the silhouette of the implants in order to obtain a primary stability that is evenly distributed on the bone.



► Download the Ultimate G42 Guided Surgery Kit Manual – Planning Software

► Download the Digital Solutions Concept Brochure – Planning Software

► Download Technical Pilot Surgery- Planning Software