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Surgical Aligners

Orthognathic Surgery_Surgical Aligners

SplinTek positional aligners

Our initial, intermediate and final aligners, custom-made for your patients, will help you to achieve your precision and optimal occlusion objectives.

Our objective is to help to provide control of your surgical procedures and to enable you to optimise your patient management by making simple, precise tools available, facilitating the relationship between orthodontics and surgery.


  • Custom-made aligners for patients
  • Initial, intermediate and final aligners available, for accurate transfer of the treatment plan during the procedure
  • Aligners can be customised in line with your operating practices (palatal reinforcement, impression depth according to the transverse movements envisaged, contour width, etc.)
  • Possibility of visualising initial, intermediate and final planes of occlusion in the 3D module
  • Several options for submitting your patient’s initial occlusion: plaster model or intraoral digital impression-taking, with initial wax occlusion model
  • 3D printing by selective laser sintering (SLS) in nylon 12
  • An optimal aesthetic and occlusal result for your patient and saving of operating time
  • If a therapeutic decision has to be made, discuss it with our expert prosthetist

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