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twinKon®4 Surgery Kit

Other Surgery Kits_twinKon®4 Surgery Kit

Treatment of atrophied areas

The twinKon®4 Surgery Kit is specifically designed for the insertion of ultra-short implants with a length of 4 mm. The very slow speed drilling sequence is progressive. The drills are fitted with fixed depth stops to provide optimal safety when site preparation is carried out near anatomical obstacles.


Drilling Protocol

The progressive drilling sequence allows the final drilling daimeter to be adapted to bone density.

The drills are fitted with integrated depth stops which calibrate the preparation so that the neck of the implant is correctly positioned on the apical-coronal axis.


Intermediate Implant Driver_twinKon®4 Surgery Kit


twinKon® 4 implants are fitted with a pre-mounted implant driver in order to provide optimum protection of the connection when screwing the implant into the bone. Once the implant is in place, the implant driver is also used to confirm that the emergence prosthetic axis matches the prosthetic lane of the future restoration.
Contra-Angle Wrenches_twinKon®4 Surgery Kit


The counter-torque wrench is used to unscrew and remove the pre-mounted implant driver while preserving the primary stability of the implant.
Drills and integrated Stops_twinKon®4 Surgery Kit


The drills have a working length of 4.8 mm. The point angle of 140° minimizes apical overdrilling in the proximity of anatomical obstacles. The height of the mandrel part was designed for comfortable working in the mouth and to provide visibility appropriate to the sector for which the twinKon ® 4 is indicated.


  • Scrupulously adhere to the indicated drilling speeds.
  • When drilling, stabilise the head of the contra-angle using the index finger of the other hand in order to maintain the working axis.

Use irrigation and suction to completely remove bone residue after each drilling operation and to avoid excessive heating.

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