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Anchorage Mini-Screws

Mini-Vis - Gamme Ancotek

The anchorage mini-screws aim to create a fixed point to obtain reliable, high-quality anchorage

Using bone anchorages allows:

  • Optimisation of current techniques by improving control,
  • Application of new movements and management of cases that were previously impossible or at least difficult to treat.

This makes it an effective alternative to supplement or replace existing techniques.

A self-drilling screw thread

With Global D’s more than 15 years of experience and as a leader in the field of Maxillofacial Surgery, we have put all our technical expertise into developing anchorage mini-screws.

Because of its high quality, the osteosynthesis screws’ self-drilling thread has been rolled out for all anchorage mini-screws.

This asymmetrical thread incorporates expanded wings for better primary stability in the bone. The screw’s purposefully sharp tip ensures that the thread penetrates the receiving site. In addition, the self-tapping property combined with the self-drilling thread tends to result in better removal of chips, thus improving screw penetrability.


Orthodontic Ancorage Mini-Srews_Ancotek Range
    • Large range of screw heads
    • Self-drilling thread
    • Colour code for diameter identification
    • Simple, ergonomic handling tools


    Transmucosal anchorage

    • Cruciform Screw
    • Bracket Screw
    • Vestibular Pin Head Screw
    • Palatine Pin Head Screw


    Submucosal anchorage

    • Short Cortical Screw

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