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Easytek - Solution for Orthodontics

Banner_Easytek Sterile Solution for Orthodontics

Easytek - Solution for Orthodontics

To meet your expectations and traceability requirements, Global D offers you an ergonomic, sterile packaging solution.

Discover a selection of anchorage plates and anchorage screws specifically for orthodontics.


The pack

The screw holder is inside the sealed double blister pack. This system means the screw is easily self-retaining and totally safe.


Added value


Information on manufacturing, the product reference and batch number can be easily identified.

Each pack contains 4 self-adhesive labels for the establishment’s and the patient’s files, providing reliable and effective traceability of implanted products.


Simplicity & Ergonomics:

  • Ready-to-use sterile product solution
  • Optimised preparation costs (cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation)
  • Ease of management and storage optimisation
  • Clear legible marking
  • Adhesives on the undersurface of the pack for secure hold on the table and therefore easy impaction of screws



  • Sterile heat-sealed double packaging, sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • Proof of sterilisation
  • ISO 13485 certification
  • CE marking of products
  • Batch number traceability



► Download the Ancotek Catalogue – Sterile Solution for Orthodontics