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EVL® Abutments and Sleeves

Banner_EVL® Abutments and Sleeves_EVL® Implant System

Abutments for cement-retained and temporary prostheses



Abutments for cement-retained prosthesis

FMTA abutment for the EVL® implant system
  • Aesthetic abutments: FMTA

Straight and angled FMTA aesthetic abutments are designed for most indications of cement-retained prostheses. The FMTA range offers 4 different angles (0, 8, 15 and 23°) and 2 periodontal heights. To help choose the most appropriate abutment, the range is associated with a trial kit composed of replicas of abutments which are clipped onto implant replicas on models. The FMTA coronal height is 7 mm adjustable over 3 mm.

  • Standard abutments: FMTR

Standard abutments have a coronal height of 11 mm, which prosthesis laboratories often appreciate.

Temporary abutments

Temporary TUB abutments from the EVL®range
  • EVL TUB: temporary component (in titanium)

The tubes are indexed titanium sleeves for the construction of single prostheses or non-indexed for direct implant multiple prostheses (if clinical conditions allow this). The grooves at one-millimetre intervals facilitate cutting (subject to an adequate coronal height).

  • Secondary part for the TUB

There is an oxidisable sleeve that accommodates the tubes. This is compatible with all diameters of EVL® implants.

"The trial abutments kit often helps me choose EVL® implant abutments."

Y. B. - Dental Prosthetist

FMTA trial kit for the EVL® Implant System

FMTA trial kit

The FMTA trial kit aids both the choice of angle and the choice of gingival height. It is composed of 2 trial abutments per FMTA abutment diameter and incorporates the colour code indicating implant diameter.

Trial abutments are available separately for restocking.



Download the Supracrestal Prosthesis Catalog – EVL® Abutments & Sleeves

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