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twinKon®4 Healing and Cover Screws

Banner_TwinKon® Range

PPreparation of the prosthetic seating

Preparation of the prosthetic seating can be managed either by placing the healing screw directly on the implant or by installing the conical abutment with its cover cap.



Healing screw

Healing screw for twinKon®4 dental implant

Healing screws are delivered as an option, separately from the implant pack and are non-sterile.

They are available in Ø5 and periodontal heights of H2.6 mm and H4 mm.


Cover screws

Cover cap for twinKon®4 dental implant

The ultra-flat cover screw covers the implant connection during the period of osseointegration.

It is delivered sterile, in the implant pack.


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