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Cryotek Water

Banner_Cryotherapy by water

The principle of the Cryotek Water system is the application of cold at a temperature of 12°C to the patient’s face, via the circulation of refrigerated water in a mask specifically developed for maxillofacial surgery

This temperature remains constant, by means of the Peltier* effect, for a continuous time period of up to 72h. Several treatment programmes can be chosen.

Other programmes can be created according to need.



    • Compact, ergonomic machine,
    • Carrying handle for patients who choose the home care option (rental at home),
    • Bifurcated extension cord available to allow two masks to be connected,
    • Transportation bag to protect the machine.


    Our Cryotek water machine has Peltier* technology, integrated into the control console of the device, allowing total autonomy of the system with regard to the management of cold once the treatment is started.


    The device is composed:

    • Of a console with a Peltier* system,
    • Of a unit with a touchscreen,
    • Of a splint (the mask) specifically developed for maxillofacial surgery and the lower third of the face.


    *The Peltier effect discovered by Jean Charles Peltier in 1834, is a thermoelectric effect consisting of a physical phenomenon of heat transfer in the presence of an electric current. The effect is produced in conductive materials of different types linked by junctions. One of the junctions then cools down slightly, while the other heats up.




Touchscreen with the possibility of creating personalised programmes for each patient | Vertical orientation of the refrigerated water circuit in the mask, following the lymphatic system pathway | A programme specific to the postoperative phase of orthognathic surgery: 12°C (constant temperature) for 24 to 72h | Display of the actual temperature of circulating water in the mask and leaving the mask by means of 2 temperature probes | Single patient mask or mask reusable 10 times allowing cost optimisation | Apparatus is easy to clean and disinfect (touchscreen) | Operates on mains power or with battery | Use of demineralised water is advised for sustainable operation |Water circulates within a closed circuit.


  • 1 Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action,
  • 1 Improved patient comfort in the postoperative phase,
  • 1 Pain relief,
  • 1 Reduction of postoperative oedema,
  • 1 Improved postoperative patient care,
  • 1 Saving of time for the healthcare staff in the recovery room and in the patient’s room due to the autonomy of the system once the programme is started.

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