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Cryotek Gas

Banner_Gas Cryotherapy

The principle of the Cryotek gas system is the application of cold via the projection of medical CO2 gas at a low temperature

Our machine releases a dry, odourless gas at a temperature of -78°C and at a pressure of 50 bar via a microcrystal diffuser.

The main aim is the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the patient. The vasoconstriction caused by the action of the intense cold and the pressure of the gas permits tissue drainage and encourages the reduction of postoperative oedema(1). The treatment is maximally effective between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

(1) Marie-Reine Bollack, Astrid Wilk “Etude du traitement de l’œdème en chirurgie maxillo-faciale par la cryothérapie gazeuse” (Study of the treatment of oedema in maxillofacial surgery by gas cryotherapy). Kinésithérapie Scientifique No.381, September 1998.




It is recommended that the patient be treated as quickly as possible after the surgical procedure. The first depression of the power button of the apparatus will allow a skin temperature diagnosis to be performed without production of cold, by scanning the area in question. The skin temperature detected by the infrared sensor is displayed on the screen. This allows the identification of the inflamed area. The 2nd phase will be the diffusion of cold at a temperature of -78°C via a slow circular sweep at around 10 cm from the skin. It is essential not to remain static over the area to be treated*. The drop in temperature is displayed simultaneously on the screen allowing continuous monitoring. The treatment finishes automatically after 30 seconds, to be repeated once if necessary. The duration of application must not exceed 1 minute.
Cryotek_Gaz_Gas device


Short treatment duration: between 30 seconds and 1 minute | Cryotek gas treatment can be used in a complementary fashion, before treatment with the Cryotek water system | LCD screen allowing easy visualisation of temperature and remaining treatment time | All commands and information are centralised in the Cryo’Diffuser | Three interchangeable nozzles and a contact head adapted according to the treatment type and the area to be treated | Cryo’Diffuser with rechargeable batteries | Detection of skin temperature by an infrared sensor on the Cryo’Diffuser.


  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action,
  • Improved patient comfort in the postoperative phase,
  • Pain relief via slowing of nerve conduction,
  • Reduction of postoperative oedema through tissue drainage,
  • Contraction and slowing of the vascular and lymphatic systems.

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