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Customised Bridges


Customised bridges on conical abutments and straight and angled MULTI abutments

Customised bridges can be produced on straight and angled conical abutments (In-Kone® implants) or on MULTI or MUA abutments (EVL® implants). Customised bridges can be produced in several ways:

  • Global D Compliance: customised local prosthesis solution available to eligible laboratories meeting the manufacturing requirements established by us (in agreement with our partners). The restorations involve customised bars and bridges in titanium or cobalt-chromium on conical abutments and MULTI abutments.

Subcontracting between laboratories is possible.

  • Frameworks produced in the laboratory on conical abutment and MULTI abutment titanium bases.
  • Panthera Dental certified machining centre.


Customised bridges can be produced in the laboratory via Global D Compliance or on titanium bases or with our Panthera Dental certified centre.


The Global D Compliance solution 

This programme offers a new vision of laboratory machining operations based on a common goal: to share our skills to better serve the dental profession.


In three points:

  • Open-source digital solution
  • Synergy between specialised partners’ skills
  • Machining of customised frameworks in the laboratory


Global D Compliance allows laboratories with the appropriate equipment to produce implant bars and bridges on abutments using a specific manufacturing process. The main benefit for the laboratory is being able to machine plural prostheses on abutments based on geometries developed by Global D in terms of shape and tolerances, ensuring that production is reproducible.


WorkNC Dental incorporates the 3D design of MULTI and conical abutment connections obtained directly from Global D in its implantology module. A Compliance programme charter is supplied to users who undertake to follow the manufacturing and testing protocol as well as purchasing original Global D prosthetic parts.


Content of the Compliance programme

  • Machining operation ranges and Global D abutment connection geometry ranges via the CAM software,
  • Special tools guaranteeing the finish of vulnerable areas.
  • Testing resources.


Customised zirconia bridges can be produced on straight and angled conical abutments (In-Kone® implants) and on MULTI or MUA abutments (EVL® implants). The restorations are produced on titanium bases to guarantee their quality. The prosthesis laboratory can design the bridge on plural bases.


Panthera Dental also machines zirconia bridges on conical abutment titanium bases and on straight and angled MULTI titanium bases.

The prosthetic plan can be transferred either via a resin model sent with its master model to Quebec, or via an STL file designed and sent by the prosthesis laboratory. Digitisation will have been carried out beforehand using digital copings on Global D abutments, the master model will in this case also be sent to Panthera Dental to guarantee optimal passivity of the work.

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"Compliance, finally a solution that approaches the clinical work of the laboratory with an eye for quality provided by Global D. An alliance of skills to serve our clients’ patients. This strong, innovative and groundbreaking stance should be applauded. Thank you for your trust and your support."

J. H. - Dental Prosthetist

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