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Design Softwares


Computer-Assisted Design Software

Global D provides its Global D interface libraries for the main open-source design programs, for EVL® and In-Kone® implants, as well as for conical abutments and MULTI abutments in straight and angled versions.


Easy access to the installation of the Global D interface libraries for the main open-source design programs.


Design software: 3shape, Dental wings, Exocad


Our large range of solutions allows prosthetists to work under the best conditions.

  • Single and multiple bases. These bases can be used by the laboratory to produce prostheses using conventional or digital techniques. Bases will be bonded extra-orally in the laboratory.
  • Pre-milled blank: block designed and manufactured by Global Dallowing the production of customised titanium abutments in the laboratory (subject to appropriate equipment).
  • Global D Compliance: customised local prosthesis solution available to eligible laboratories meeting the manufacturing requirements established by us(in agreement with our partners).
    Subcontracting between laboratories is possible.
  • Panthera Dental certified machining centre: customised abutments and frameworks produced by our partner. Panthera Dental is an internationally recognised company based in Quebec offering production of customised abutments in titanium and zirconia on a titanium base as well as customised bars and bridges.



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