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Maxillary Plates

Banner_Ortrautek Maxillary Plates

These consist of a wide range of plates of different shapes available in several thicknesses, all easily identifiable through a colour code

Le Fort 0.8 mm plates

  • Reversible
  • Easy to shape at the extremities due to the square profile

L- and J- shaped plates

  • Plates angled at 110°
  • Available in a wide range of lengths
  • Colour code for identification of thickness (1 mm or 0.6 mm)

Preformed Le Fort plates

Ortrautek maxillary plate on the skull
  • Available in 10 bridge lengths
  • Come in left and right anatomical versions
  • Specific CPOP container

T-shaped maxillary plates

  • Compact plates with reduced spacings (closely spaced holes) ideal for small maxillae
  • Centring on the nasomaxillary pillar is facilitated by the device’s minimal space requirement

Transverse dimension retention plate

  • Installation of the plate perpendicular to the disjunction osteotomy, in the frontal plane
  • Plate adjustable in situ, which through deformation of the hexagon, comes to be positioned on supporting bone on the edges of the palatine plates
  • Maintenance of the transverse dimension desired
  • Dedicated forceps with jaws specially designed to receive the top of the plate’s hexagon

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