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ULTIMATE G42 Guided Surgery Kit

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In-Kone® UNIVERSAL, In-Kone® PRIMO Implants, 3.0 Implant twinKon®



The philosophy of the ULTIMATE G42 protocol is based on direct guide drills. No drill key type intermediary diameter reducing systems are therefore required. The protocol is designed to ensure systematic continuity of guiding of the different drills before contact with the bone.


This guided surgery protocol is in perfect adequacy with our ULTIMATE surgical protocol and respects its requirements : A progressive drilling sequence that is homothetic to the silhouette of the implants in order to obtain a primary stability that is evenly distributed on the bone.


Characteristics of drills: 

The range of drill lengths enables a unique standard offset between the drill stop on the sleeve and the neck of the implant, regardless of its length.

The first initial drill (Ref. DFUG15SD) is the main drill that will determine the drill shaft required to start the guided drilling sequence. Thanks to the short offset of 10.5 mm and the 7.5 mm cutting part of this drill, the drill will necessarily be guided into the sleeve before coming into contact with the bone. This enables better accuracy from the start of the drilling operation.


The drills comprise two separate parts:

  • The 7.5 mm long self-centred part for direct guiding in the sleeve,
  • The working part of the drill, whose length depends on the drill used.


ULTIMATE G42 drills use the same colour code as ULTIMATE drills, making them easy to store and ensuring the visual safety of each drill during the operation.


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