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EVL® Wrenches

The complete range of EVL® S and K implant drivers

Range of 2.7 mm wrenches, implant drivers

  • In contra-angle version: 3 lengths of implant driver wrenches (17;25 and 32 mm)
  • In manual/ratchet version: 2 lengths of implant driver wrenches (17;24 mm)




Tightening wrenches from the EVL® Surgery Kit


The short version (PLUSC) and the ultra-short version (PLUSXC) of the contra-angle implant driver wrench, are included in the EVL ® surgery kit. A longer version (PLUS) is available as an option.


2.7 mm wrenches, implant driver 

The wrench is retained by ‘gentle’ friction in the hexagon of the EVL®S and EVL®K implant with the help of a stainless steel ring, integral to the wrench.
It is important to check that this metal ring is present before every procedure, without which it is impossible to grasp the implant.


Grasping the implant
To take hold of the implant in its tube, carefully align the hexagons of the implant and the wrench, making small rotational movements (direction unimportant) with very light pressure on the wrench in the axis of the implant.
Once aligned, the wrench is inserted easily and can simply be guided. There is no need to force it.


If a brush is used, brush the wrench carefully in the region of the ring.

"‘Having a single format of implant driver wrench to insert 2 types of EVL® S and K implants and the 3 implant diameters is really practical.’"

Doctor JR. S. - Dental Surgeon

Range of Wrenches from the EVL® Surgery Kit


The contra-angle implant driver wrenches have a hexagonal wrench at their apex that facilitates the tightening of healing screws.

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