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3.0 Surgery Kit

Banner_Other Surgery Kits 3.0 Surgery Kit

Treatment of reduced mesiodistal spaces in the incisor sector

The ULTIMATE kit for the 3.0 implant is compact. The insertion protocol is adapted from the ULTIMATE protocol: The sequence of homothetic drilling of the implant contour obtains a primary stability distributed uniformly in the bone. The progressive drilling sequence allows the final drilling diameter to be adapted to bone density.


Drill from the 3.0 Surgery Kit


The drills are equipped with a dual cutting plane which prevents any vibration during preparation of the host site. To optimise the visibility of laser markings under irrigation, these are reinforced by a machined groove and the surface of the drill benefits from anti-reflective treatment.
Cortical cutter from the 3.0 Surgery Kit


Cortical cutters are used to prepare the cortical bone and to ensure the passive insertion of healing screws. The cutter is fitted with a PEEK centring tip that, once in the implant, stabilises the instrument as it rotates. The PEEK tip preserves the integrity of the connection during the operation.

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