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Back to PRINTANIÈRES 2023!

Retour sur les Printanières 2023 !

What a pleasure it was for the Global D teams to meet up with you again on 8, 9 & 10 March in Lyon!

Once again, this year’s edition of Les Printanières was rich in sharing and exchange on the theme “Take a step back in your practice!”


Les Printanières 2023 kicked off on Wednesday 8 March with a DAY OF LIVE SURGERY COMMENTED with Dr Mickaël Samama and Dr Pierre Layan on the theme of “Complication management”. This was an opportunity for our participants to take away solutions and best practices to be applied in the practice on a daily basis, depending on the patient’s case.


At the same time, Dr Carole Leconte was “shaking up” the participants in her MASTERCLASS by developing her approach and her thoughts on patient physiology and how other factors can have an impact on treatments.


On Thursday 9 March, the PLENARY SESSIONS were officially launched by our President, Dr Arzu Naipoglu, who invited speakers, moderators and delegates to take a step back and question the biological fundamentals versus technological and product performance in 3 key areas for successful implant treatment:

🎯 Tissue management techniques, from prevention to surgery: how to prepare the implant site properly before implantation, depending on the patient case,

🎯 The implant therapeutic arsenal, at the heart of the mucosa-bone complex: how best to choose the implant design to maximise the chances of success,

🎯 The function of prosthetic aesthetics: why and how to spend time on adjusting patients’ occlusion, what is the impact on the implant-supported restoration.

There was also a focus on digital workflow, a major topic at the moment: how can we integrate these new tools into our daily lives and what are the benefits?

💡 For once, we welcomed D. Galha Garcia from Team for the Planet. A hard-hitting talk focusing on the impacts of climate change!

👉 To find out more about taking action to tackle climate change, click HERE


These 3 intense days ended with the legendary 🎉 GALA EVENING 🎉 des Printanières! This season we celebrated the arrival of spring to the rhythm of La Dolce Vita in a Mediterranean setting.


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380 Participants aux Printanières 2023

380 Attendees

24 Conférenciers aux Printanières 2023

24 Speakers

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14 nationalities


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