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Jean DELAIRE Congress 2023

The second Jean Delaire Institute Congress will be held in Nantes on 8-9-10 June 2023.

The scientific committee has chosen to explore in depth the themes that motivate rehabilitators, orthodontists and surgeons alike, all of whom are concerned with establishing more reliable diagnoses, proposing more effective treatments and obtaining more stable results.


Facial and postural asymmetries, anterior dental gaps, temporomandibular dysfunctions so frequently encountered; requiring a common language between professionals and an understandable discourse for patients will be addressed during expert lectures, free communications and workshops.


The care pathway of children with orofacial malformations; cleft lip and palate or ankyloglossia involving a shared analysis of all the actors will constitute an important chapter of the programme of this Jean Delaire 2023 congress.


It will bring together paediatricians, rehabilitators, ortho and pedodontists, surgeons around interdisciplinary exchanges.


President: Dr Pierre CORRE


Scientific Program: HERE

Online registration: HERE

Congress website: