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SYFAC 2023

GLOBAL D invites you to the SYFAC Congress!

Clinical and scientific innovations in implantology, bone grafting and soft tissue management will be highlighted during this new edition of SYFAC.


You will benefit from the latest advances and research in the field of osteo-immunology with prestigious speakers!

This recent science is revolutionizing all knowledge on osseointegration and healing.


The SYFAC Congress offers you the opportunity to improve your visibility and create connections with experts, opinion leaders and scientists of the highest level.
Do not miss this opportunity to share with GLOBAL D this unique event.


President : Dr Joseph CHOUKROUN
Co-Chairman : Dr Jérôme SURMENAIN
Co-chairwoman : Dr Elisa CHOUKROUN


Programme Scientifique: HERE

Inscription en ligne: HERE

Site internet du congrès :