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In situ adjustment Plate

Banner_Ortrautek in situ adjustment plate

In situ mandibular adjustment plates




The Concept

During ablation of intermaxillary fixation, the in situ adjustment plate allows, if needed, direct adjustment of the occlusal plane without disassembling the osteosynthesis equipment. In this way, it prevents unpredictable lateral, vertical or anteroposterior movements of the mandible.

  • Large choice of models of in situ deformable plates or in situ adjustment plates
  • Monovectorial or bivectorial adjustment according to the plate
  • Different grades of titanium
  • Direct adjustment of the occlusal plane without disassembly of equipment

Natural Fit Plate

Natural Fit plate from the Ortrautek range

The anatomical plate Natural Fit was designed with an initial 3D conformation allowing optimal adaptation to the shape of the external cortical bone of most mandibles while limiting stress on the TMJ (compression or torque).


  • Alignment of 4 holes on a circular arc (arciform long axis) to:
    • Cause clockwise rotation of the condyle during osteosynthesis, thus not compressing the TMJ posteriorly
    • Follow the shape of the inferior edge of the mandible and so limit the problem of inferior border notching during significant progress
  • Spiral conformation along its long axis avoiding stress on the TMJ
  • Concave profile for good adaptation to external cortical bone
  • Curved proximal and distal extremities avoiding stress on the TMJ


The Natural Fit in situ adjustment plate allows:

  • In situ adjustment of osteosynthesis without having to disassemble all the equipment
  • Optimal condylar positioning without compression during osteosynthesis

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