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EVL® Other Surgical Instruments

Banner_EVL® Surgery Kit

Optional instrumentation

  • 2 mm wrenches (screwing of healing screws/coping/prosthesis)
  • Manually driven wrenches
  • Optional over-sized drill kit (very dense bone)
  • Kit of 3 drills/pre-drilling


Set of EVL® wrenches


1.2 screw wrenches are available for screwing all types of screw: from healing screws to prosthesis screws to impression coping screws. A ratchet wrench is included in the EVL® surgery kit. Other universal detachable ratchet wrenches or torque wrenches are available.
Set of EVL® Manually driven wrenches

Manually driven wrenches

• Ratchet wrench • Ratchet torque wrench • Manual/ratchet adapter for contra-angle instrument • Detachable torque wrench


Over-sized drill kit (Very dense bone)

  • Over-sized Ø 2.95 drill for EVL® Ø 3.3 implant
  • Over-sized Ø 3.65 drill for EVL® Ø 4 implant
  • Over-sized Ø 4.65 drill for EVL® Ø 5 implant
  • Over-sized drill kit


Kit of 3 sterile drills

  • Sterile drill kits: Ø 1.8; 2 and 2.5 mm

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