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EVL® Drills

Banner_EVL® Drills_EVL® Surgery Kit

EVL® implants are delivered with their final disposable drill adjusted to the diameter and length of the implant

EVL® S implants benefit from the clinical experience obtained with EVL® N implants (first marketed in 1996) and their drilling protocol.

A final sterile drill sized for the diameter and length of the implant is packaged with all EVL® implants.


4 types of drills included in the EVL® Surgery Kit


- The initial drills to mark the insertion position, - The graduated intermediate drills with a removable depth stop to calibrate depth, - Pilot drills to prepare the cortical drilling of the following drill and to preserve the insertion axis, - The disposable final drills delivered with the implant and sized according to implant diameter and length.


The cutting angle of the edges is designed to give the practitioner constant suction-free control of the progress of the drill in the bone. The open point angle of the final drills reduces apical over-drilling and therefore reduces the invasiveness of the osteotomy.

The 3 lips give the drill excellent stability at the start of drilling. The standard incrementation of the diameters from 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm provides adjustable progressive preparation according to the bone type.

With this design, the drilling axis can easily be corrected when necessary. The helical grooves and the escape angle of the drills promote optimum removal of shavings, regardless of bone density.

Finally, Global D drills are machined by the leading companies specialising in the manufacture of cutting tools for medical applications.

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