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In-Kone® Bases and Blanks

In-Kone®_Bases and Blanks

Single and multiple titanium bases on straight and angled conical abutments and including blanks


Titanium bases are available as direct implants and on straight or angled conical abutments.

Titanium bases are designed to allow the manufacture of customised zirconia implant abutments, bars and bridges, providing optimum mechanical strength: the combination of a titanium base with the zirconia superstructure is particularly indicated as it absorbs the mechanical stresses transmitted by the zirconia structure.

These bases can also be used by the laboratory to make prostheses using conventional or digital techniques and then subsequently bonded onto the base.


Single bases can be adjusted by 1 to 2 mm in height, particularly in CAD software design (able to obtain a coronal height of 3 mm on the screen). Titanium bases are available in two diameters: 3.8 and 5.5 mm. The 3.8 mm diameter is restricted to the aesthetic sector: from to 5 to the 5. The 5.5 mm diameter is to be preferred in the posterior sectors.

Multiple bases are available for straight and angled conical abutments.

All our titanium bases are available in the CAD software libraries.

"For the construction of single screw-retained prostheses, protecting the connections, the titanium base bonding method is vital."

Joce Perret - Expert Prosthetist

Titanium base for In-Kone® dental implants

Pre-milled blanks

Pre-milled blanks are designed to allow customised abutments to be built by the laboratory (assuming appropriate equipment is available).

Machining from a titanium block is an effective alternative for implantology professionals wishing to implement a local CAD/CAM solution to guarantee ultraprecise assembly at the implant-prosthesis interface.

Designed and manufactured by Global D, our pre-milled blanks guarantee the implant connection. They are compatible with the patented S3DEL* set-up and enable customised titanium abutments to be made by the laboratory (subject to appropriate equipment) with connections guaranteed to comply with our industrial machining specifications.


*List of compatible machines available on request. In order not to damage the connections, do not put the blanks in an oven.



► Download the Subcrestal Prosthesis Catalog – In-Kone® Bases and Blanks

► Download the Digital Solutions Catalog – In-Kone® Bases and Blanks

► Download 5.5 mm Base Data Sheet – In-Kone® Single Prosthesis

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