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In-Kone® Conical Abutments

In-Kone®_Conical Abutments

The screw-retained multiple prosthesis

Conical abutments are indicated for screw-retained bridges and bar-retained prostheses. They are available in angles 0°,17° and 30° and in a wide choice of periodontal heights. Conical abutments allow disassembly of the prosthesis, if needed, during maintenance phases while preserving the integrity of the mucosal seal. Angled abutments are offered in rotational and anti-rotational versions so that practitioners can work using a direct or indirect method.


The abutment can be installed after removal of the healing screw. Impression-taking is carried out directly on the abutment using impression copings for straight conical abutments. A cover cap protects the abutment while the final prosthesis is being constructed by the prosthetist. For immediate loading protocols with aesthetic aims, 6 or 8 mm caps are available to protect the soft tissues until receipt of the temporary prosthesis.


Clinical Experiences_In-Kone® conical abutments on-site

Angled conical abutments are indicated for retrofitting of multiple prosthesis shafts. They come in indexed and non-indexed versions. It is recommended that the impression is taken directly on the abutment with impression copings for angled conical abutments. A cover cap is available to protect the abutment while the final prosthesis is being made by the prosthetist.



► Download the Subcrestal Prosthesis Catalogue – In-Kone® Conical Abutments

► Download the In-Kone® Prosthesis Summary – In-Kone® Conical Abutments


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