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In-Kone® Healing screws and Cover screws

In-Kone®_Healing screws and Cover screws

The tension-free healing screw

Healing screws signal the prosthetic seating that will receive the final prosthesis. Each screw format is offered in two ‘flat’ and ‘high’ supra-sulcular versions to adapt to different gingival configurations.  The ‘high’ profile is preferentially indicated for mucosae that present vestibulo-palatine or vestibulo-lingual height differences.


The healing screws have a slightly larger nominative diameter (+0.4 mm) than the associated prosthetic components in order to facilitate their insertion in the event of gingival retraction.


In addition to the colour code, laser marking on the surface of the head of the healing screw indicates the format, the diameter and periodontal height.  In this way the user can easily learn the format of the emergence profile (Ø et H) shaped by the healing screw in the mouth. Then, they choose the component best suited to fit the seating so created.




Healing screw from the In-Kone® range on-site

In-Kone® implants are delivered with a flat cover screw. A high cover screw is available as an option.

Healing screws and cover screws are single use, they must be only screwed in manually using a hexagonal 1.2 mm screwdriver.

If the torque wrench is used, the maximum torque recommended is 10 N-cm.



► Download the Subcrestal Prosthesis Catalogue – In-Kone® Healing & and Cover Screws

► Download the In-Kone® Surgery Manual – In-Kone® Healing & Cover Screws


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