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ULTIMATE Guided Surgery Kit

Banner_Other Surgery Kits Ultimate Surgery Kit

ULTIMATE G protocol compatible with In-Kone®, twinKon® and 3.0 implants

The Ultimate G guided surgery kit is consistent with the principles of the ULTIMATE protocol. The homothetic shape of the drills allows the bone of the site to be prepared to get the best match with the implant contour. This ensures the primary stability of the implant is distributed as uniformly as possible over the entire length of the implant.


Use of a key_ULTIMATE Guided Surgery Kit


The removable keys allow the drills to be centred accurately in the Master Tube of the surgical guide. They are angled to facilitate manipulations in any quadrant. Dual marking allows the diameter of the corresponding drill and Master Tube diameter (T) to be easily identified.
Implant driver wrenches from ULTIMATE Guided Surgery


For complete guidance of the drill plus implants, the Kit also contains implant driver wrenches designed specifically to guide the implant through the surgical guide. It is perfectly possible, for those who wish it, to remove the guide once the guided drilling is finished and to insert the implants freehand.


The ULTIMATE guided surgery kit contains two types of drills:

  • The long drills without engraved depth markers, suitable for the insertion of In-Kone® and twinKon® implants, with a length of 8.5 to 13 mm, up to a diameter of 4 mm inclusive, and for 0 implants.
  • The engraved ULTIMATE short drills also used in the classic ULTIMATE surgery kit, intended solely for In-Kone® and twinKon® implants with a length of 6 mm and a diameter of 4 mm.



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